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    2. Anh Ngữ Hàn Lâm: Những Từ “Đồng Âm Dị Nghĩa” (Đàm Trung Pháp)

      27-8-2017 | HỌC TOÁN

      Anh Ngữ Hàn Lâm -1: Những Từ “Đồng Âm Dị Nghĩa”


      AIR – HEIR      [fresh air – heir to the throne]

      AISLE – ISLE    [an aisle seat – an isle is a small island]

      ALTAR – ALTER   [lead to the altar – to alter course]


      BALL – BALL     [play ball – open a ball]

      BAND – BAND     [a rock band – a rubber band]

      BANK – BANK     [the bank of the river – put the money in the bank]

      BARE – BEAR – BEAR [with bare hands – we can't bear it – the polar bear]

      BARK – BARK     [dogs bark – the bark of a tree]

      BAT – BAT       [blind as a bat – a baseball bat]

      BE – BEE        [to be or not to be – be as busy as a bee]

      BEAT – BEET    [he often beats his wife – beets and carrots]

      BERRY – BURY   [berry is a small fruit – bury the dead]

      BRAKE – BREAK [drivers who brake abruptly – a coffee break – don't break it]

      BUY – BY – BYE [buy a car – sit by the window – say bye-bye]


      CELL – SELL     [a prison cell – my cell phone – sell books]

      CENT – SCENT    [100 cents in a dollar – a faint scent of roses]

      CEREAL – SERIAL [eat breakfast cereal – a serial killer]

      COARSE – COURSE [coarse fabric – a college course]


      DEAR – DEER      [dear friend – a young deer]

      DESERT – DESSERT [desert from the army – apple pie for dessert]

      DEW – DUE        [morning dew – due date]

      DIE – DYE   [everyone will die – she wants to dye her hair red]


      FAIR – FAIR – FARE [that's not fair – book fair – bus fare]

      FINE – FINE     [one fine day – pay a fine]

      FIR – FUR       [a fir tree – a fur coat]

      FIT – FIT       [this dress does not fit me – a fit of anger]

      FLEA – FLEE     [flea market – flee the country]

      FLOUR – FLOWER  [two cups of flour – a beautiful flower]

      FOREWORD – FORWARD [foreword in a book – move forward]

      FOUL – FOWL     [foul smell – domestic fowl]


      GRATE – GREAT   [grate cheese – a great opportunity]

      GROUND – GROUND [fall to the ground – freshly ground coffee]


      HAIR – HARE     [she has dark hair – he runs like a hare]

      HALL – HAUL     [a concert hall – haul the boat]

      HANGAR – HANGER [a plane hangar – a coat hanger]

      HAY – HEY       [hay fever – hey, is that you?]

      HEAL – HEEL     [heal the wounds – high heels]

      HEAR – HERE     [did you hear the news? – here it is]

      HI – HIGH       [hi, how are you? – high walls]

      HOARSE – HORSE  [a hoarse voice – ride a horse]

      HOLE – WHOLE    [a small hole in my sock – as a whole]


      I – EYE     [I love you – my left eye itches]


      KIND – KIND [different kinds of people – you are very kind]

      KNOT – NOT  [a tight knot – not a word]

      KNOW – NO   [do you know him? – no, I don't]


      LIE – LIE      [tell a lie – lie on the floor]

      LIGHT – LIGHT  [bright light – as light as a feather]


      MAIL – MALE    [send by mail – male and female]

      MAIN – MANE    [the main reason – a horse's mane]

      MATCH – MATCH  [strike a match – a football match]

      MEAN – MEAN    [what do you mean? – a mean person]

      MEAT – MEET    [meat and potatoes – boys meet girls]

      MISS – MISS    [she missed her family – miss Smith]

      MOLE – MOLE    [a mole on the chin – as blind as a mole]

      MOOSE – MOUSSE [hunt moose – chocolate mousse]


      NONE – NUN     [none of them – she is a nun]


      OAR – OR – ORE [a boat with two oars – one or two – iron ore]


      PAIL – PALE   [a pail of water – his face is pale]

      PAIR – PEAR   [a pair of gloves – pear is my favorite fruit]

      PEACE – PIECE [war and peace – a piece of bread]

      PEAK – PEEK   [mountain peak – peek into a hole]

      PEER – PEER   [peer group - peer into a dark room]

      PIT – PIT     [dig a pit – pit cherries]

      PITCH – PITCH [speak in a high pitch –as black as pitch]

      PLAIN – PLANE [plain answer – plain food – to go by plane]

      POLE – POLE – POLL [flag pole – the north pole – public opinion poll]

      POUND – POUND [pound of rice – pound vs dollar – pound on doors]

      PRINCIPAL – PRINCIPLE [a school principal – a man of principle]

      PRAY – PREY   [pray to god – birds of prey]


      RACE – RACE   [the human race – a race car]

      RAIN – REIGN  [spring rain – during a king’s reign]

      READ – REED   [read a book – man is a thinking reed]

      REST – REST   [rest a little – leave the rest of them here]

      RIGHT – WRITE [right or wrong – right or left – civil rights – write a letter]

      RING – RING    [a wedding ring – ring a bell]

      ROLE – ROLL    [play a role – on the payroll – the ball rolled away]

      ROW – ROW      [sit in the front row – row the boat]


      SAIL – SALE    [ships sail today – bought it on sale]

      SEE – SEA      [did you ever see the sea at sunrise?]

      SEAM – SEEM    [burst at the seams – she seems to be nervous]

      SO – SEW – SOW [be so kind – sew a dress – sow the seeds]

      SIGHT – SITE   [beautiful sight – construction site]

      SOLE – SOLE – SOLE – SOUL [sole heir – shoe sole – fillet of sole – body and soul]

      SOME – SUM     [some money – large sum of money]

      SON – SUN      [my only son – the sun and the moon]

      STAIR – STARE  [down the stairs – stare at people]

      STAKE – STEAK  [a future at stake – a steak dinner]

      STEAL – STEEL  [steal money – stainless steel]

      STRAIGHT – STRAIT [a straight road – Strait of Gibraltar]

      SUITE – SWEET  [a hotel suite – a sweet cake]


      TAIL – TALE    [a bird’s long tail – a fairy tale]

      TIP – TIP      [tip of the tongue – give a big tip]

      TOAST – TOAST  [a piece of toast – propose a toast]

      TOE – TOW      [she stubbed her toe – tow a car]

      TO – TOO – TWO [give it to me – we like it too – two days with me]

      TRAIN – TRAIN  [travel by train – train nurses for hospitals]

      TRUNK – TRUNK  [tree trunk – elephant trunk – wooden trunk – car trunk]


      VAIN – VEIN    [in vain – a vein is different from an artery]


      WAIST – WASTE  [a slender waist – a waste of time]

      WAIT – WEIGHT  [wait for someone – weight and height]

      WARE – WEAR – WHERE [glassware – wear a suit – where is it?]

      WAY – WEIGH    [find a way – I weigh 150 pounds]

      WEAK – WEEK    [weak eyes – next week]

      WEATHER – WHETHER [nice weather – ask her whether she wants to go]

      WELL – WELL    [very well – a deep well]

      WHICH – WITCH  [which of these? – she is a real witch!]

      WHINE – WINE   [dogswhine when excited – red wine]


      ĐTP 22 AUG 2017

      Đàm Trung Pháp

      (Nguồn: diendantheky.net)

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